Marcella Raimondo, PhD, MPH,  is a passionate and spirited clinical trainer- speaking on a topic that comes from her heart, multicultural issues in eating disorders. She has delivered over 100 clinical and community trainings at colleges and universities, mental and public health agencies, and professional eating disorder conferences since 1995.

Marcella has a professional background in developing and managing health education programs for Kaiser Permanente.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY #27037). She was also a key member of About-Face, a nonprofit organization devoted to addressing the media’s effect on body image, where she was key part of the infrastructure building. She also directed the media-literacy workshop program.   Marcella herself recovered from anorexia nervosa over 15 years ago. Her personal road to recovery along with her martial arts training since 2000 has inspired a dedication to body nurturance and celebration.

Healing  Our Body Wars by Celebrating Our Diverse Cultures 

There is a myth that eating disorder/body image issues do not occur in multicultural populations. Because of this assumption, multicultural populations who suffer from eating disorders are not screened or treated. And when they are, treatment models rarely bring in multicultural factors or address contributing issues such as oppression and marginalization. This occurrence keeps eating disorders and body image issues even further unseen in these populations and make these problems more complicated to treat.

Marcella’s trainings address these very factors.  Having herself experienced the pain of being in a marginalized community, she understands and can educate people about these additional factors.  She also understands the resilience and endurance gained through these experiences, and how this can work to help move into a fuller recovery for multicultural populations. Combining her professional skills with her personal experience, Marcella creates trainings that both detail up-to-date research and treatment models, but also inform people of the human aspect of the issue. All trainings are conducted in a safe, sensitive and personal environment, where people leave better informed and empowered.

I have been witness to and participated in Marcella’s seminars. She connects with attendees who demonstrate a spectrum of subject knowledge, sharing meaningful information and insights each of us might move forward in application. Her rootedness in the subject at hand and passion for creating a positive pathway for others is directly reflected in each presentation. Marcella’s many years of martial arts learning, commitment to the exploration of those physical movement principles and the accompanying interaction with training partners, translates into full presence and confidence as a workshop presenter.
Sonya Richardson
Executive Director, Head Instructor
Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center
Oakland, CA

Marcella Raimondo, PhD, MPH has been presenting to the clinical trainees at the mental health agency I work at for the past four years on the influences of acculturation on eating disorders when working with multicultural and LGBT populations.   The feedback from the trainees has been this was “amazing”, “I am so grateful to have this training”, “This training was so very relevant and motivating, I want to learn more.”
Mary Beth Reticker, LMFT -UCSF Alliance Health Project