Marcella Raimondo, PhD, MPH…

…is a passionate and spirited clinical trainer- speaking on a topic that comes from her heart, multicultural issues in eating disorders. She has delivered over 100 clinical and community trainings at colleges and universities, mental and public health agencies, and professional eating disorder conferences since 1995.

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Your relationship with food and your body are some of you most primal relationships. Having freedom, harmony and joy with food and your body is possible.Let us embark on this journey together.

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Conferences & Training

My trainings and workshops are designed to bring participants’ experiences and viewpoints into collaboration with the aim of proposing strategies to augment research, diagnosis and treatment for marginalized populations with eating disorders and body image issues.

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News and Discussions

Because topics of eating disorders and body image are so sensitive and even more when we bring in diversity, it is so important to create a safe and respectful place for everybody to voice their thoughts. This includes having harmony with disagreements and providing comfort to each other when we get triggered. Thank you and I am looking forward to our discussions.

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Marcella Ramundo
Marcella Raimondo

I am passionate and committed to work with marginalized folks with eating disorders from providing therapy, trainings and consultation. As a queer cisgender woman of color, I myself recovered from anorexia nervosa over 20 years ago. My personal road to recovery along with my martial arts training since 2000 has inspired a dedication to body nurturance and celebration.

Access to Compassionate and Respectful Treatment for All  

Our relationship with ourselves begins with our bodies and thus with how we eat. For many reasons, we can become overwhelmed with our daily body experience. For many of us, our bodies are targeted which can ultimately lead to us not owning our own bodies. These experiences can lead us feeling confused, frightened, hopeless, angry, just to name a few emotions. An eating disorder is a disconnection from yourself and a disconnection from others. An eating disorder serves a function when your daily experience and your surrounding world can feel so dysfunctional.

My approach to helping you combat your eating disorder is to find the meaning and purpose of your eating disorder while working with you to challenge your eating disorder behaviors. I believe in helping you find meaning and purpose in your daily experiences that translates to coming home in your bodies and having a meaningful relationship with food.

I have been witness to and participated in Marcella’s seminars. She connects with attendees who demonstrate a spectrum of subject knowledge, sharing meaningful information and insights each of us might move forward in application. Her rootedness in the subject at hand and passion for creating a positive pathway for others is directly reflected in each presentation. Marcella’s many years of martial arts learning, commitment to the exploration of those physical movement principles and the accompanying interaction with training partners, translates into full presence and confidence as a workshop presenter.

Sonya Richardson, Executive Director, Head Instructor
Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center, Oakland, CA

Marcella Raimondo, PhD, MPH has been presenting to the clinical trainees at the mental health agency I work at for the past four years on the influences of acculturation on eating disorders when working with multicultural and LGBT populations.   The feedback from the trainees has been this was “amazing”, “I am so grateful to have this training”, “This training was so very relevant and motivating, I want to learn more.”

    Mary Beth Reticker, LMFT -UCSF Alliance Health Project